They must stop the rants section. They should also declare that they will not use any feedback submitted in the Recent Updates Forum. The forum should be only used for discussion. Players can give feedback by posting recent updates in the Feedback forum.

The subject should include an 'Italian Discussion Request'. You can request topics to allow players to discuss (or rant about) issues they believe ought to be addressed. Forum Mods will hide all comments and rants posted on the wrong forums in order to catch Jagex's eye. This filter assists Jagex to avoid spamming forums and allows Jagex the capability to identify the root of the problem.

So that's all good and all however, how do you think Jagex have handled Ice Strykewyrms? That is because they should not have read any posts in the topics. Instead, they should have created a poll that allowed members to vote on whether there should be compromise. The votes should be filtered like madmen while they do this. They must be able to check what specific groups of voters voted, those groups include:

Members who do not have 93 Slayer. Members without the Fire cape and with 93 Slayer. Members who have 93 Slayer and with the Fire cape. This would require some programming, but it is possible. After the vote was taken, the participants must have analyzed the results and decide if compromise was necessary. This is how it should have gone.

Jagex is a professional company and should be looking at their policies. They must create a policy according the current situation and update it every month. It is very much required to cheap RS gold change the policy they have currently. The whiners aren't the most important.